When logging in as a customer, Chrome loads the confirm file instead of forwarding it

Hello, I’m writing a request in the Shopware Forum although I’m not sure if it’s a Shopware 5 problem.

When I register with a specific customer email in my shop: Registrierung | HM Messermanufaktur. Then chrome will download the „confirm“ file instead of redirecting to the page.
I am then logged in - but if I then click on checkout in the mini shopping cart ( see picture below), for example, it also downloads this confirm file instead of going to the checkout.

  • It’s fine with other customers’ emails! Funny

The chrome console says this:
Content script injection failed, reloading allpages.js:124

In this script, this area is this:

    if (request.cmd === 'checkScript') {
        if (!localStorage.getItem('isN13Shown')) {
            console.log('Content script injection failed, reloading');
                cmd: 'loading',
                location: location.href,
                shop: !!window.SHOP

Anyone have an idea? Is this due to Shopware or my shop or is it a bug in Chrome. I don’t have this problem with Firefox.

Shopware version 5.7.7 - / PHP version 7.4.26