Update to Shopware 6.5 Using Dockware


I have already installed Shopware 6.4 using Dockware through the docker-compose.yml file. Now, I’m aiming to upgrade Shopware to version 6.5. However, I’ve encountered a challenge: Shopware 6.4 uses MySQL 5.7, while Shopware 6.5 requires MySQL 8.

In my situation, I have a database dump file, and I’ve set up a new Dockware container with Shopware 6.5 and MySQL 8. I imported the dump file into the MySQL 8 database. Unfortunately, this approach isn’t working as expected, and I’m encountering various PHP errors. It appears that the issue might be related to database schema migration, but I’m uncertain. Additionally, I’m not confident whether I’m following the correct process to update Shopware.

Could someone provide a step-by-step explanation of the update process? I would greatly appreciate any guidance to help me navigate this situation.

Thank you.

I solved the problem. After I imported the dump from my 6.4 installation, I executed the migrations again. Shell into my app servers container and ran this CLI command:

bin/console database:migrate --all

I also re-index the data using the following command:

bin/console dal:refresh:index

Thanks for the information! I’m facing the same problem. Could you upload your docker-compose.yaml here once? I was able to set the PHP version to 8.0 in dockware/essentials. However, I can’t figure out how to set the MySql version to 8.

version: „3“
# use either tag „latest“ or any other version like „“, …
image: dockware/dev:latest
container_name: shopware
- „80:80“
- „3306:3306“
- „22:22“
- „8888:8888“
- „9999:9999“
- „db_volume:/var/lib/mysql“
- „shop_volume:/var/www/html“
- web
# default = 0, recommended to be OFF for frontend devs
# default = latest PHP, optional = specific version
driver: local
driver: local
external: false

Thank you! The docker-compose.yaml is almost identical to mine, except that I’m using dockware/essentials:latest and I’ve pulled Shopware into the container with „make download url=“.
However, how did you now expose the MySql version?

So, I did the following steps:
Step1: Installed Shopware 6.4 with PHP 7.4 and Mysql 5.7
Step2: Exported a dump file from the database
Step3: Installed another Shopware using latest version (6.5) with PHP 8.1 and Mysql 8
Step4: Imported the dump file into the Mysql

You can use php -v and mysql --version commands to check the versions.