Shared hosting?

Does anyone have experience with installing shopware at a shared hosting provider which ideally offers cpanel ?
i doupt if composer is supported in shared hosting providers which is needed
maintaining a VPS costs time

thank you

There are a lot of providers that offer Managed Servers. What I can tell, it is not the RAM, it is the CPU Cores that matter most. Of course, you should have at least 1024 MB RAM.

1024 MB RAM is a lot of RAM plus CPU
this means shared hosting is not suitable
i will need a VPS

if you can suggest an affordable provider with managed server, let me know

It depends on how many required packages are installed. We had this discussion a few years ago with Contao, an OpenSource CMS (btw. a really, really nice piece of software - for everything without a shop it’s my highest recommendation), that changed to Symfony with its version 4. The RAM was running out on multiple occasions and throughout nearly every installation, that didn’t had a dedicated server at hand.

The problem is the „compilation“ of the composer.json and therefor the check for updates and changes. To solve this, you have two possibilities:

  • download the file and do the update of the file on your local machine.
  • Setup a different server to handle these operations.

In both cases you need to send the file to another server/computer with enough power to handle these updating operations. After sending it back to your installation server, you only need around 128MB to 256MB RAM to do the actual updates of the app files.

If you are interested, let me know, I can explain that in depth, if needed. :slight_smile: