Query related Item Variants Set Dependency


First of all i appreciate Shopware Team You all are doing great Job. Anytime you are active for resolving our queries and give us a best solution for this Hats Off. 

My query is related about item variants 

Using Shopware Variants Configuration 

i have make two active group which is color and size

in color group i have set two options 1)Red and 2)Blue 
in Size group i have set 3 options 1)S    2)L       3)XL

now in frontend detail page when i select Red color field  the 3 Size fields should be enable      1)S        2)L      3)XL
but when i select  Blue Color field  the all 3 Size Field  (S, L, XL ) fields should be disable. 

i have set it using set dependency but when i applied with blue color (Not With)  (S, L, XL) 

it hides the blue color field as well and not working properly as i need ???

So how can i resolve this issue???