Contact form not working

Hi! :slight_smile:

Does anybody know how to configure the contact form?

In email templates i assigned the standard form to the corresponding Sales channel. When sending a test email to myself i don’t receive anything.

Furthermore when using the form in the frontend i get an warning that the subject isn’t filled in while it actually is.

Which email does the contact form use to send the emails?

Hi Dylan,
there are 3 important factors to have a look at:

  1. you need a mailer up and running in your settings -> system -> mailer (this will get used for the mail)
  2. you need a template for contact forms in your settings -> shop -> email templates 
  3. your contact form which is implemented into a shopping experience needs to have a receiver mail (selectable for each contactform indiviudally)

Hope this makes it more clear
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Where can you select the receiver mail? We have a contact form that is not sending to the owner of the shop.