Which version of shopware is considered "production ready"?

As in the subject, which version do most people run in production?

Also, regarding the storefront. Do most sites run the classic storefront or PWA? Is the PWA considered production ready, or is it more of a starting point for own customization?

I guess most shops use 6.4.x, since 6.5 was released last month and it is a breaking update. So the shops need time to adapt. If you start fresh, start with 6.5.

Most Shops use storefront. PWA is a great platform, … My personal opinion, if you want an individual storefront, then build it from scratch without PWA.

I do have some customization to do (made to order items etc), but I’d rather avoid having to start from scratch. So the choice for me is either the classic storefront or PWA. PWA being the preferred one because of speed, seems to look better on mobile. However, I couldn’t get shopware-pwa to work on 6.5. So I’ll need to look at older versions.

Edit: I found this in the github repo:
Screenshot from 2023-06-01 17-02-48

So it seems they recommend for shopware-PWA

Now, my question is, is there a docker image anyone can recommend with shopware-pwa? All the docs talk about running it locally which is not ideal for me.