Can someone please tell how to choose the template from backend in shopware 4

Hello, you will find the templates at configuration > base configuration > shop settings > templates. Choose the shop (normally there will only be one) and then decide which template you want to use (simply click on the thumb). In the last step you confirm it by the button „select template“. (These steps are shown in the attached graphic.) Afterwards you should delete the Shopcache as well as your browser-cache. Otherwise there might be still shown the „old“ template. Information how to customize your templates is to find at our Developer’s Guide: http://wiki.shopware.de/Designers-Guide_cat_486.html

I have tried before what you mentioned in the post . But i have my own design under template folder named vijaydesgin. when i select that template no page or empty.

Hi, it’s very difficult to help you, because you don’t describe the issue in detail. I guess, your template structure isn’t correct. But don’t know, can’t see anything in my crystal ball ;). Please check the template structure and if it’s correct, post the file names and the code of your changes. Greetings

My problem is that how to design my own smarty template and add it to my shop in that template have to develop registration form .

Hi. I was delete standard template “emotion_orange” but in administration settings panel it still visible. Then I was created my own new template (with .json and preview) and delete it via ftp. Result - is visible. Why is not deleted from settings panel?

Sorry. I can’t edit previous post. screenshot

Hello arx, the templates are also saved in your database. Therefore your templates will remain in the panel until you also delete them out of the database. Just delete the templates out of the database-table „s_core_templates“. It’s necessary to delete the templates both from the FTP-server and the database. Regards, Patrick :shopware:

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[quote=„Patrick Stahl“] It’s necessary to delete the templates both from the FTP-server and the database. [/quote] Thanks for the answer, Patrick. For deleting template I need it delete manually. Can you will be able add the button for deleting templates in future releases of Shopware?