Can someone teach me how to design template and how create registration form ? It be so helpful i am struggling since last week and even i cant find the tutorials. Or If any tutorial link also will be good enough…:slight_smile:

Hi, Quick start tutorial for 4.x is here http://wiki.shopware.de/Schnelleinstieg … 6_486.html , but is in German only, so you might need Google translate or something similar.

Hello Tschersich, I also created the folder under template/frontend/vijaydesgin but i told already it not working. One more thing is that what ever i add in template folder it showing in the backend but when i deleted it from the folder it is not updated in the backend.

Hi, this structure is wrong and will not work: template/frontend/vijaydesgin Should be looking like this for 4.x: templates/emotion_vijaydesgin/frontend/ I don’t understand what you mean by “it is showing in the backend”. If you change something in the fronend folder of the active template, it will show up in the frontend of the shop, not in the backend.

Things i deleted my design in template folder but still in backend under basic configuration in template option still i can see the my deleted design…

Delete the backend cache and it is gone, if the template folder has been deleted before.

Hello tschersich, How to clear the backend cache … I searched i cant find it … Do u meam under configuration menu there is clear shop cache that one or another

Configuration -> Clear Shop Cache . Select „Backend cache“ then press „Clear Cache“. Select all in case you don’t know which cache is responsible for certain area of the shop.

Hey Tschersich ,I did but it showing the design which deleted … May be i can give you the backend link can you check it. http://knusperreich.de/vijayshop/backend/

Hey tschersich, If it possible can you teach me the how to a design template and registration form …