I have the design in template folder named /vijaydesgin but when select that template , there is nothing or no page it is empty. Can someone tell me what is the problem

probably you forgot that the structure has to be yourfolder/frontend/

Hey troemmelt, I have desgin like Vijaydesgin/forntend/… under that there are some folders like _resources, home etc…

Shouldn’t it be something like /emotion_vijaydesign , so template is being inherited from emotion?!

No, it also does not work. I did like emotion_vijaydesign but still the same thing empty page.

Did you re-assign it in the backend and emptied all caches afterwards? If you just copy an emotion_whatever to emotion_new and assign it in the backend, it works straight out of the box. Did you change anything in your template copy before trying to use it?

Now i have deleted the new desgin but in the backend in shopsettings under template still i can the my new desgin. how to clear that?

Hey Tschersich , If it is possible for you to teach me how to design new template and how to create a registration form?

Can someone tell , i add a desgin but that desgin is not showing in webpage. I am struggling since two days …