Shopware Version 5.5.5 Update Fail

  1. I receive this messsage when running the update:

The file permissions of 1 file(s) could not be fixed. A list of affected files can be found in the logs.

Please fix all file permission problems (recommended) or fill in your ftp credentials.

  1. The dialogue asks for FTP details, but I can’t successfully provide them because it demands username and password but our Amazon AWS FTP account uses certificate based validation.

  2. The update says is requires the following folders to have WRITE access which I have done:





Can’t see any messages in the log…

Any other ideas or suggestions? It seems I can’t proceed with the update…

Hi @markwilding‍ !

1-2) The FTP login popping up is some automatism in case there are permission problems. It’s totally fine to close the updater, fix the permissions yourself and try again.

  1. Try looking into Settings -> Logfile. The file or path in question should be logged there somewhere. It could be the path var/cache

Please have a look at the shopware-log. The update process writes a log entry for those files/folders that are not accessible.

You can access the log in the backend via settings > logs > system-log. 

In the backend I can see Configuration (menu) > Logfile > System Log -  This is empty. How do I start the logging process?

I should add… the shop is in „development mode“.

Did you try to select a lofile in the dropdown?

Aha! Yes, thank you so much. I did not look at the contents of the dropdown - my mistake.

I have changed the permissions on the files and have been able to succesfully run the update. Thank you for your help.

As a comment/question… the problems were a folder we have manually created to hold a redirect file, and the sw-domain-hash.html file that was present in the root which is a file used to change the domain of a shop in Shopware.

Seems I have to set permissions to 777 status for the update to work. Is it wise to have files with status 777… can I leave them with that status?