Shopware multi-domain and licenses

Hello all,

It will be great if someone can resolve my problem.

I want to create one shopware site with a multi-domain. I know that it’s possible if I put a load balancer (L7) before the site with an overwriting header.

But, what about a license from Do I need to buy all plugins for all domains or?

I don’t get your question yet.

What’s the difference between multiple sales channels with own domains?

It’s the same. For example, I want to have next domains: && && &&

And all domains and subdomains needs to have A record and target the same IP address (load balancer).

So, when you go to you need to see everything like on (because server is the same). And when you look in the search bar of the browser you need to see domain that you chose (If you wrote you will see this, whithout any redirect).

Like and, servers and databases is the same :slight_smile: