Can you use 2 different domains in Shopware 6 with one admin panel?

Is it possible to have to different domains like: and not subdomains but two distinct domains use a single admin page?

Is it done through sales channels?

On which domain should the shop be installed and how is it configured ?

It’s possible and done by sales channels as you already said.

Both domains have to point to the same webspace where Shopware is installed.

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Do you mean that 2 domains should use the same folder?

Exactly. Shopware will display the correct sales channel automatically.

So if I point the two urls to 1 folder, they will automaticall be shown as 2 sales channels ? Or should they be created manually ?

You need to create them. 

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An error is shown on the 2nd domain, however I have created a new channel for the 2nd domain as well, both with http and https:

Unable to find a matching sales channel for the request:". Please make sure the domain mapping is correct.


@simkli‍ do you know what is done wrong here?

perhaps you need to activate the new sales channel?

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You were absolutely right! Thanks.

In this case of 2 domains/2 sale channels under one Shopware admin, the database is shared or separated?

Sure it is shared @supmanu‍

Yes it is possible. But pay attention to a fact, which is that you have to put them under one Shopware.