Profile page not showing!

Installed the latest version of Shopware. Registration works. But after registration, you can not access the profile page. In the upper corner indicates that the authorization was. Account page does not show, only registration.

I tried to open via chore and firefox
Third-Party Plugins did not install

My system:

  • Apache / 2.4.29 (Ubuntu 18.04)
  • PHP Version 7.2
  • All php extensions are installed

What’s wrong?



Same Problem with me
If When I try to open page related to account. Only redirect register and login page

If anyone has an answer please assist me to solve my problem
Thanks in advance

Are your really logged in?

The shop cookie can remember the last user / the last log in. So it is possible to show the name or personalized content (e.g. products by customer stream).
But you are noch logged into the account!

This feature is provided by the SLT cookie

of course, I have already logged in and also login token generated.

please see in top navigation show my account name:

Shopware Login Tokens (SLT) enables:



When you close the browser the session is destroyed. You always have to do a new login to enter the profile page. The SLT cookie only can show the name. The session to place order or enter the profile page isn’t saved to this cookie. 

Whe you start the browser, you have to re-login to see the profile

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When closing the browser customer name shown in the top navigation, I can try to re-login but the problem remains the same.

In the system info session.auto_start required  0 and version 0 so why cross(X) sign show??

Please see below image:

Thanks for guide me but issue not solved