Problem with Import.

Hello community, :shopware: im facing the following problem if someone can assist me please. :wtf: What happen: When i import reworked .csv (MS DOS) file, shopware see how many items(212) there are, but after pressing „Start Importing“ the importing ain’t process and i receive following error: Import Error Order number is required What i did: I had to rework item names, used new module (tried with old as well) for import and export, used profile. Reworked in excel and saved as .csv (MS DOS) also tried with ubuntu csv separated with comma. the values im using: ordernumber mainnumber name active shippingtime shippingfree categories WB0073699 WB0073699 Spider X50 1 15 8 I also tried importing untouched csv file i exported and it works. Im using on windows Excel 2003 and Libreoffice on Ubuntu. Hope to hear solutions soon, need to process work :slight_smile: Best regards.

Hello, as far as I see you used a wrong delimiter. The import requires a semicolon (:wink: between every column and not a tab. Moritz

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It worked, thank you for assistance mate :thumbup: :smiley: