Need to buy a ExtJS license to develop plugins in Shopware?

Hi all, Question from an absolute newbie: Is ExtJS license 100% needed for pluging development in Shopware? In the docs, we read: “Should the plugin use the Sencha ExtJS framework in any form and should the Shopware wish to sell their plugin commercially, an ExtJS license must be acquired by means of a Shopware SDK license”. We are planning to develop a Shopware plugin that will be free to install. This plugin will make some simple calls to our backend & eventually use the shopware API to acess some info from the user. Is ExtJS a mandatory dependency? Rgds Mikel

Hi, You will need an ExtJS license if: - Your plugin has ExtJS based code and - You plan on selling it If your plugin will be available for free or if it doesn’t contain ExtJS code, you shouldn’t need a license. For more detailed info, you should contact shopware directly. greetings