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Hello everyone, it’s possible look only 6 or 9 product for page? In this page     I have over 15 product and scroll all page it’s very bad.

Another question: it’s possible fix the top menu bar (home,espositori, bookmark, language ecc) ?? In this case when I scroll down the top bar it’s fix and I can navigate in other categorise, would be fantastic.

Another question: it’s possible insert a colour selection variant in page detail product? In this case when I select a color for a product the image change corresponding color and I see all variant.

Another question:  in this page   it’s possible resizing the dimensions of box product? I would be change the height, it’s very tall. I would be change also the text because is in bold and I change this in normal.


Hey @anthony‍,

please keep an closer look on the board structure. We’re having a dedicated section for international speakers over here: I’ve moved the two threads from you to the correct section.

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Stephan Pohl  Shopware 

Thanks Stephan Pohl! 

I hope someone helps me

Please help look the first post, thanks

Hey @anthony‍,

  1. You can configure the amount of itmes per page in the basic settings module:
  2. Yes, this is possible. You have to write your jQuery plugin for this purpose.: jQuery plugins and the StateManager
  3. This is a difficult topic to be honest. We’re having a plugin called custom products which allows you to create user defined products. What I mean with this term is that the user is able to select a color, add text etc. to a product but the plugin doesn’t visualize the user input. You can extend the plugin to change the product image based on the user input:
  4. Yes, this is possible using CSS / Less. The height of the product box is defined by the height (including padding and margins) of the elements inside the product box.

I hope this was useful for you.

Best regards,
Stephan Pohl  Shopware

Hi Stephank thanks to answer. But I have a problem:

  1. When I setting 5 or 10 item i show 20 item, in this case I take it into consideration this page: . I try to set “items per page” and “selection item per page” but without success. (yes I save and clear cache but not work)


  1. Is there a guide for or support to write this jQuery plugin? (for example: 1) create file .less 2) insert this file in… 3) setting this, write this ecc?)

  2. How I setting this css/less? Is there a guide step by step to complete this process? (for example: 1) create file .less 2) insert this file in… 3) setting this, write this ecc?)