Is Shopware a system I should use?

Hi guys, I have to evaluate if our company could use shopware for our next shop project. We are normally a “Drupal 7-only” company but can’t use it this time.

I searched the subreddit for opinions but couldn’t find any.  At first sight it looks like a really nice system. Its based on Slim and uses a lot of other nice features like Smarty, LESS etc.

Does anybody here have experience with it? What are pitfalls?

I know about other options like Magento (didnt like it, used it in one project), Sylius (too new / too much extra work involved), Drupal commerce (lots of experience but doesn’t play nice with the customers sofware) etc.

Thank you in advance.

It’s great and it’s fast.

We use it for shops with several thousand items and the import/export functionality is the best i’ve seen for hooking it up
to external inventory software and order processing.  Product-Streams (filtered results) for cross-selling items was the selling point for me.

The update cycles are brilliant, and they really do make improvements with every release.

The downside is: you’re either a programmer or you can expect to spend at least a grand buying various *plugins* 


All-in-all… i’d say it depends on how many products you’re selling… if you only have a hundred then ShopWare is probably overkill.