Installing a plugin - where?

I’m installing the Migration plugin. I’ve downloaded it to my local machine and now I need to copy the folder & files to the server where Shopware is installed. I can’t find any details to show me where the plugin files need to be copied to on my shopware folder var/www/html$ … files templates engine vendor recovery Can someone please advise me Many Thanks Lee

Hi, you can just upload the plugin’s zip package in the plugin manager in the backend. If you want to do it manually, you need to navigate to engine/Shopware/Plugins/Local and put it in the correct subfolder. The subfolder which is the correct one, should be shown in the plugin zip itself. Best regards, Daniel

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I used filezilla after setting up a root SSH Key to locate the files in the correct folder on the server as you described! Shopware/backend then found the plugin and I was able to install it fully. Logout of Shopware and back in and then I can start using the plugin. Next I need to follow the instructions using the plugin to migrate from XT-Commerce to Shopware 4. Regards Lee