How to repair an existing installation?


After four months work, we were preparing to go live with the website this week and Shopware is now throwing an error in the admin that means we can’t edit or access the products we have defined. Naturally, we can’t go live in such a state. 

Can anyone advise how I can repair an existing Shopware installation without effecting all the settings we have been putting in? Is it possible to trigger a reinstall of the core files?

I would like to reinstall all the core setup/files and ensure all file permissions are all correct for the current version we are using but naturally not lose all our work defining products, settings, theme settings etc…

I can’t see a way to do this…?

We are on the latest version, installed on AWS, running on Ubuntu/Apache.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Often backend errors are caused by unescaped snippets. You could check the output of the javascript files in the browser debug console and validate them in a code-editor. Just copy the reply of the requests in the network tabs into a code-editor that can show syntax errors on javascript files. In this case it should show you the „problematic“ snippet. Afterwards you can edit the snippet in the database (s_core_snippets) and add a „“ to the unescaped character. 


Without the esaping of ’ the javasript of the backend will break. This is only needed on backend snippets.

More things to try:

  • deactivate all plugins via database (s_core_plugins) and clear the cache on the server
  • re-upload all backend theme-files from the install-script (themes/backend)

Hi Mortiz, Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

The problem was a „:“ character in one of the snippets.

Thank you…panic over…  Smile