How to remove the /public/ from the site adress?

Hi all,
i am new here. I decided to migrate to shopware from another cart but…an eternal struggle to install.

My current problem is that i need to open my store at his root adress as:
but after the instalation the store open only on

I need to remove that /public/ is essential because i need to migrate and i have already indexed links for my products.

I readed already and tested all on the forums including httpacces …no chance, maybe there are some solutions on german but the translation in poor. I also made the modifications in Sales Channels
Also i saw some shopware store with root adress only
Thank you all

Your domain has to point to the /public folder. That is it.

When you tell that HAS TO …it mean that there is no way to access my site in its simple form ? And i must accept the mysite. com / public/ ?

I saw same succes sites with shopware and all had and not mysite . com/public/

Thank you for the reply

No, no, no :joy:

Your domain points to a folder on your server, e.g., httpdocs/shopware

You have to change that to, e.g., httpdocs/shopware/public

Then the /public part in your domain will disappear.

Thank you, but where to change?
i tried almost all places including in cpanel and also in shopware. Bun no chance

It has nothing to do with Shopware.

It is your domain/server configuration. If it is not possible to change the directory, you can try to work with a symlink.

Thank you very much
i will try