How to insert hyperlinks into multiple product descriptions at once

We want to insert hyperlinks into multiple product descriptions at once. How can this be achieved?




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Hi Geert,

I need a litte more information to go on. Sorry. I want to insert hyperlinks into already existing products. In the past, working with Magento, we could make adjustments by simply selecting multiple product descriptions. Do we have such an option in Shopware? 

If you shortly explain what are ‚mobile products‘ in Magento and what are you trying to achieve? E.g. in Shopware there is a concept of ‚variant products‘ or ‚product variants‘ - perhaps this it what you are looking for?

What we mean is edit multiple products information. For example we have product A and Product B and Product C. And now we want to 'multiple eddit" the product description with all these 3 description at once.

As said, this sounds similar to Shopware’s concept of product variants - where you have a main article and variants e.g. of different colors and sizes. It this what Magento multiple producst are?

Apart from this, you could use Shopware’s snippets to define standard phrases and links to be used in product description (however this potentially requires to make some adjustments in the template files).