How to choose between menu-items on the left and get them into the submenu

Hey there,

I just started to fall in love with shopware! What a nice piece of Software! Thanks to all the developers and the active community!

I’m struggling with a pretty common problem, I want my content pages in the top-navigation. I managed to do so (thanks to other posters here). But now when I select one of custom pages I get the “standard” links in the linkbox on the left (AGB, Help, Contact etc.). I want to show the links to the group in which the site is posted though.

I found out that I need to change this code in the sites-navigation.tpl:

{if $sMenu.gLeft}
    {block name="frontend_index_left_menu_container"}
            {block name='frontend_index_left_menu_headline'}
                    {* choose left menu heading *}
                    {s namespace='frontend/index/menu_left' name="MenuLeftHeadingInformation"}{/s}

            {* choose left menu*}
            {call name=customPages customPages=$sMenu.gLeft}
            {* {call name=customPages customPages=$sMenu.content} *}

if I use the  commented line “{*{call name=customPages customPages=$sMenu.content}*}” instead of the one above I get the correct menu (with the wrong heading). So the two lines that need to be changed are quite obvious, but I have no clue how to ask shopware for it …

Second part of this would be to get the subpages also into the top-navigation. If I hover one of the shop-categories, it gives me the subcategories (advanced_menu), but thats not working for my Shoppages so far, any idea how I could implement this?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks


Got it working with specifically asking for the customPage-ids, is there a more generic way?

{if $sMenu.content && ($ == 52 || $ == 54)}

This also leads to the problem that I don’t have both boxes in the smartphone menu version of the page.