How can i get url links of all products in a category?

i would like to get all url links of products in a given category in shopware 6?

Have you tried to create an SQL query for that?

i was able to use the seoUrl function to get the links of a particular product  {{ seoUrl(‘’, { productId: ‘1035e9ee7d27486e9f30ed88939fece1’ }) }} i would like to get an idea of getting the productId of all products in a category using the seoUrl function

Hey Dude,

i have the some problem.

URLs for product detail pages like this: {{ |lower }}/{{ |lower}}-{{ product.productNumber  |lower}} dont work.

The variable {{ }} isnt avaible for products.

I have only one category in my webshop, so I have set the URL statically: YOUR-STATIC-CATEGORY-NAME/{{ |lower}}-{{ product.productNumber  |lower}}

PS: Maybe this will be help you {% for part in product.mainCategory.breadcrumb %}{{ part |lower}}/{% endfor %}/{{ |lower}}-{{ product.productNumber  |lower}}/