Edit Basket/Check out site

Hi there…

Hope this is not a stupid question :smiley:
But i just can’t find a place to edit the Basket and CheckOut site.
Is this becaus there is no wat to do so?`

There are fields i dont want showen, and fields that dos not requre to be fill
And it’s in english and want it in Danish.

Please dont tell me i need to buy a extension to do this… If i need ot build a extionsen for evey littel ting, Shopware needs to update to 2021 :smiley:

Hi Thiim,

You can change the language by installing the Shopware language pack, this is free of charge.
Make sure that Danish is aktive for the sales channel.

There are a couple of changes that you can make to the shopping cart in the admin area, this information can be found here in the user documentation.

If you are looking for the developer documentation, this is located here.

Best regards,
Timmy Clark