Contact form and order emails not working

The contact form are not sent (at least not receiving any email). And when placing an orderer no order confirmation email are sent to the customer.

Going through all the different settings, there are some (basic) questions:

  1. I’m running the store in Swedish and have installed the Swedish language package. But I can only see email templates for English. Do I need to create templates for Swedish? Or is the fallback the english template?

  2. In the settings there are both „Business events“ and „Flow builder“. Which one to use for Shopware version In Business events, all the events are inactive, but I have activated the event for Order placed and Contact form sent. But it did not helped.

  3. When I try to send an test email (from the email templates settings) there is an error. Does this mean that there is something wrong in the Mailer settings?

Best, Magnus

E-Mails are not send if there is a twig error in the template. Unfortunately Shopware does not show these kind of errors.

You should be able to translate the templates, like in the CMS, too.

Flow builder is the new one, it replaces business events.

Is there a way to test the template ??
Pls see also my question : Emails are not sent

Not, to my knowledge.