Shopware6 doesn't send custom order confirmation e-mail

Dear All,

We’re figuring issues to set our custom confirmation e-mail. We created a template on Stripo and we added the shopware variables (copied from the default template) on it.
The problem is that anytime we place an order the e-mail doesn’t arrive but if I use the default template they can be delivered to the recipient.
So, since there aren’t any tutorial or better explanation on the official shopware docs, I’m wondering if someone has some advice or solutions to share as we can solve the problem.
Thanks to everyone for your help


my first stop is always the error log in var/log/xxx.log in the Shopware folder and then the PHP error log in the system specific location (theoretically Shopware catches all errors in its log, but you never know with PHP). Is there some relevant information?

I heard from others in the forum, no email is sent if the template contains errors. If that’s the case I’d expect an error message in the log.