Confusing price description text

When free shipment has been defined for a specific product, the following message still appears in the frontend product page:
Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs
I understand that somewhere in the Settings I may change the wording of this message.
This, however, would not solve the problem because I might need the text for other products, where shipment is not free.

There should be two different texts describing price: for free shipment and for paid shipment. The system should read the free/not free boolean attibute and display the correct message.

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What about visitors from different counties? What if you add the article to an order with an article with shipping costs? What about the VAT in different countries? You see, that is way more complex that you might think. You might end up with 20 boolean attributes to check for the correct message.

Shopware allows you to change everything in the frontend. As you already know what a boolean is, maybe you can write your own plugin within some minutes. It is also your solution for a video CMS element.