Ant Configure - unsure of (Windows XAMPP)

Hi, I’m trying to get up and running on Windows 8 (don’t ask!), and am a little confused as to what I should specify in the >ant configure , options. Specifically I am using XAMPP, which is installed in C:\xampp. I am guessing that app.path may be the relative path from my server to my shopaware files and that may refer to the path to apache/bin. However I am not sure! and since there could be thousands of different permutations, I wonder if anyone can provide a canonical answer? thanks

I’m currently struggling with the same task. Obviously the ant build config is made for UNIX systems. On Windows I cannot get it to work properly even if I install all tools. static-pdepend: [exec] Datei -L nicht gefunden [exec] Datei [b]D:JOSHUAPDTSHOPWARE-NEXTPUBLIC[/b]/ENGINE/SHOPWARE/ nicht gefunden [exec] Datei -NAME nicht gefunden [exec] Datei -PRINT0 nicht gefunden [exec] xargs: php: No such file or directory Some tools cannot handle the windows backslash path separator: D:JOSHUAPDTSHOPWARE-NEXTPUBLIC should read D:\JOSHUA\PDT\SHOPWARE-NEXT\PUBLIC Can ANT convert this to proper forward slashed path?

Shopware5 doesnt support Windows it requires Linux. But you can install Shopware5 pretty easy with vagrant & virtualbox which is a linux based dev machine. Heres a little tutorial on how to set up vagrant: … -phpstorm/