After upgrade footer and header nagivation links are missing


I am newbie to shopware.

After upgrade to latest version dropdown menu “Service/Help” is missing.


Under footer area “Shop Service” and “Informationen” links are missing

Can anyone help to get it back or how to add back those links again from backend panel please guide me



Most probably your theme is not compatible with Shopwar 5.5+. The variable assigne to Service menu is changed since Shopware 5.5. 



Hello Hemang,

Thanks for your reply.

What is the possible solution for this?

I would appreciate if you can help me out.

Hi again,

For topbar navigation you need to change frontend/index/topbar-navigation.tpl (Depending on your theme) {include file=„widgets/index/menu.tpl“ sGroup=gLeft } to {include file=„widgets/index/menu.tpl“ sGroup=left }

For Footer navigation frontend/index/footer-navigation.tpl (Depending on your theme) change {foreach $sMenu.gBottom as $item} to {foreach $sMenu.bottom  as $item}

And for minimal footer frontend/index/footer_minimal.tpl (Depending on your theme) - change {include file=„widgets/index/menu.tpl“ sGroup=gLeft } to {include file=„widgets/index/menu.tpl“ sGroup=left }

I think this should do the trick.




Hello Hemang,

Footer links are working now.

Service/Help drop-down still not loading.

I have followed your instructions but still, it is not working. Can you please suggest something else.

In which area Service/Help dropdown menu is?

Header Part

Exactly this is in Frontend/index/topbar-navigation.tpl inside {block name=“frontend_index_checkout_actions_service_menu”}

Change {include file=“widgets/index/menu.tpl”  sGroup=gLeft } to {include file=“widgets/index/menu.tpl”  sGroup=left }

I have added same code and even replaced file as well from fresh source code 5.5 still not showing. 

Is there anything needs to do from backend panel?

You can check in Shopware Backend Content>>Shop Pages menu.

I have checked but what exactly needs to do can you please guide me if i can share login detail with you?

You have to setup the pages (as shown in image 2) for Service/Help menu in backend panel -> content -> Shop pages menu item (image 1)



I have same menu structure.


Send me a link please!!!

I have sent in private message

There is no issue in the backend, this is definitely with Template file.

I have replaced this template file.


{* Top bar main *}
{block name=“frontend_index_top_bar_main”}

        {* Top bar main container *}
        {block name=“frontend_index_top_bar_main_container”}

                {* Top bar navigation *}
                {block name=“frontend_index_top_bar_nav”}

                        {action module=widgets controller=index action=shopMenu}

                        {* Article Compare *}
                        {block name=‘frontend_index_navigation_inline’}
                            {if {config name=“compareShow”}}

                                    {block name=‘frontend_index_navigation_compare’}
                                        {action module=widgets controller=compare}


                        {* Service / Support drop down *}
                        {block name=“frontend_index_checkout_actions_service_menu”}

                                {s namespace=‘frontend/index/checkout_actions’ name=‘IndexLinkService’}{/s}

                                {* Include of the widget *}
                                {block name=“frontend_index_checkout_actions_service_menu_include”}
                                    {include file=“widgets/index/menu.tpl” sGroup=left}




Hello Hemang,

The above file is correct right.


Yes it is correct, and it should output the expected result.


Try this:


{extends file='parent:frontend/index/topbar-navigation.tpl'}
{* Include of the widget *}
{block name="frontend_index_checkout_actions_service_menu_include"}
{include file="widgets/index/menu.tpl" sGroup=left}
{action module=widgets controller=index action=menu group=servicemenu}