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Hi everybody,

I'm new in the forum and I'm new in shopware. I find shopware has a great documentation and greats dev solutions, and this is the reason I choosed it to start experiments with PWA and e-commerce.

I have used a dockware/play image to launch an istance of shopware locally (it works and I also installed the pwa plugin) and I would connect it with shopware PWA frontend.  Unfortuntely I have some troubles with the shopware-config.js (below my version):

module.exports = {
  shopwareEndpoint: "angry_gates:80",
  shopwareAccessToken: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",

I've tried to use the docker container name "angry_gates (with :80 and without)" for the shopwareEndpoint value, but it dosn't work...I tried the same using "localhost" , with the same result.

Can someone help me, please? 

Thank you

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    The post is a bit old but perhaps still relevant for others. I've played with this myself. I took the dockware/dev image instead, because it includes composer - so I could install the SwagShopwarePwa using composer. Anyway, this worked nicely.

    Once you're able to connect to the Dockware environment using http://localhost, then actually that's the exact address you need to fill in with shopwareEndpoint. So in my case, it would read:

    module.exports = {
      shopwareEndpoint: "http://localhost",
      shopwareAccessToken: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",

    Could it be that you simply tried to enter a hostname, instead of a URL?

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