Updating shopware when all files are moved folder above public_html and public is moved to public_html


I do have clean installation of 6.4 and I want to do update to using web interface…
It does not quite work. What I did after clean installation?

  1. I moved public folder content to mydomain/public_html
  2. all other folders and files folder above to mydomain/
  3. i updated env.local to point it right way APP_URL=https://mydomain
  4. I updated the channel address in admin dashboard
  5. everything works nicely but…
  6. when I do update it saves the installer file to mydomain/public and updater then shows 404 error when redirecting to updater…
  7. when i move installer file to mydomain/public_html it gives me installation mode, not update mode

how can I resolve it? I will be grateful for help. I am kinda freshmeat here and all help will be appreciated. maybe I missed some setting?

thank you,