Theme Additional element, not beeing showen.

Hello community, :shopware: I am facing little problem right here. :frowning: So, i tried to add facebook page on newsletter/hotline place. I Followed files inside “themes>frontend>mytheme>frontend>index” are “index.tpl” and “footer-navigation.tpl” I compiled theme and cleared cashe. Changes are not appealing on footer. :wtf: Looking for advice Best regards :thumbup:

Do you have any errors in your chrome dev tools console? Does the

appears in the footer? Do you have a link to your website?

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Okay, i managed to fix that myself. @kayyyy thank you for trying to help. :slight_smile: I just played around with code a little, got it working in the first colum. footer-navigtion.tpl [code]{extends file=“parent:frontend/index/footer-navigation.tpl”} {block name=“frontend_index_footer_column_service_hotline”}

Finde uns auf Facebook
{block name=“frontend_index_footer_column_service_hotline_content”}


{/block}[/code] index.tpl [code]{extends file=“parent:frontend/index/index.tpl”} {block name=‘frontend_index_after_body’ append}

{/block}[/code] here the code, if someone needs.