Styling improvments for Shopware fancy select boxes

I am searching a way to style the visible options of a select box when swSelectboxReplacement is enabled.

It is very nice to give user the possibility to add 100 quantity of the same product(default shopware) but most usability & desgin friently would be to have for example 10 visibile options and the others options to be scrollable.

This is possible through native select boxes when you set SIZE option

I made changes in swSelectboxReplacement plugin to support this functionality but the style(CSS) of swSelectboxReplacement(setting opacity to 0)

 is not compatible with the above approach. The ideal approach would be to keep quantity select box appearence set by swSelectboxReplacement so the user would have the same experience as other select boxes and maintanable with shopware updates. The missing feature is to set visibile options.

Do you have been in a simmilar situation for visible select options?




 It’s not so easy to change height of a select dropdown because that property is browser specific. However if you want that functionality, then there are many options. You can use bootstrap dropdown-menu and define it’s max-height property.