Strange problem plugin work only in development mode and not in production

Hello to all,
We are developing an ecommerce using the shopware 6 platform and we have also developed some additional plugins.
Unfortunately, one of these plugins is giving us a lot of problems.
I introduce the topic by explaining the problem we have:

The customer needs to change the price of some products in the catalog, so we have decided to develop the module that allows us to change the price directly in the product grid.

To do this we followed the documentation on the site and extended some vue.js components
The plugin works correctly in development mode, unfortunately when we make a switch in production the plugin inexplicably stops working.
We tried to install the plugin on a new production instance and to change the environment variable locally.
The result does not change the plugin stops working.
Of course we cleared the caches in production and rebuilt everything according to documentation specifications.

I am attaching the link with wetransfer where you can download the plugin and check its operation

I hope for your feedback

If you use dev-only functions, in twig. e.g. dump() then you get a 500 error in the prod environment. I guess it is the same in vue. Unfortunately I cannot tell you witch functions a available only in dev.

You should see the error in you browser.

Hello Thank you for the answer.
We investigated further and it seems that the problem was related to the lack of the version number in the plugin configuration.