(SOLVED) Why does my Shopware Home Page looks like it had no CSS?

Hello Shopware community,

I recently looked into Shopware 6 and I started installation yesterday with a few minor setbacks that was resolved successfully.

However, right after the installation and the first time configuration was done (first visit of the Admin Panel), the store’s Home Page looks like this:

It looks like a n unmodified HTML page. All the texts are written as is, on the left side, with no style and alignment. The images appears as is, without scaling.

I’m stuck with no clue where the problem might be. I’ve tried clearing the browser cache and the Shopware cache, visiting the site from a different browser, rebooting the server, re-checking file permissions, but nothing seems to work. The Admin Panel works perfectly fine, but the store’s front page is not loading correctly

Can anyone help me with this? Thanks

You have to recompile your Theme. Go into your Theme and click „save“.

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Hello Plotec,

Thank you for your suggestion. I just tried clicking on “save” and then refreshed the page, but it still not showing up correctly.

If you have other suggestions, feel free to reply and I will try them out

This matter is now resolved.

The reply by Plotec gave me a clue as to what I needed to do.

I tried using the Ubuntu terminal (CLI) for my server, went to the root directory, and used the Shopware console (bin/console).

I went to the root directory (e.g. /var/www/shopware) then typed the following commands:

  • sudo php bin/console theme:compile
  • sudo php bin/console theme:refresh
  • sudo php bin/console theme:change

In the “change theme” menu, I select my one and only storefront, and select the default theme. I refreshed my page afterwards, and the Home Page loads as intended.

I hope my little setback can help someone experiencing something similar in the future