Sodium not supported by hosting

Hi All,

I want to start testing with Shopware as alternative to WooCommerce.

After uploading the files to my host I got a error on the document root, fixed with this code for the htaccess

RewriteEngine on
# Rewrite all requests that are not already for the "public" subdirectory
RewriteRule !^public/ /public%{REQUEST_URI} [L]

Next I was able to fix the ‚set_time_limit‘ limit by disabling this line in the install script. Then I got the installer running, and now I’m stuck with the next issue.

Is there a way to bypass the use of Sodium? This would be the last step to start with SW6.



Sodium is mandatory for Shopware 6.


After checking phpinfo I see that Sodium is in shared mode. Should be working with SW6?


Unfortunately I can go any further with the install, keeps a error on Sodium

This should be sufficient - maybe also other requirements are not met on your host.

Everything except Sodium is marked Ready…

Any other ideas?


looks like Sodium is not detected in your webspace which is mandatory. You should either contact your hosting provider or (the easier way) select a hosting provider which fully supports Shopware 6.


Yep, this hoster is not going to support SW. Moving to a new hoster.

@SCOOPEX Thanks for the quick responces.