Hosters for shopware in the US?

Hello, does Shopware recommend hosters in the USA (shared, not virtual) which offer all the required PHP extensions?
Spoiler: HostGator no, has no sodium

Have a look here:

There are only 2 US companies in the link you provided.
jetrails offer dedicated servers for >$400 per month.
webscale want to do and host a shop for you. They won’t rent space.

I am looking for a US shared server with sodium (PHP extensions)

There are many mid-level VPS companies in the states that can accommodate anything that you need for a decent price. I personally would recommend to check RackNerd

Thank you, I asked their support whether they offer PHP with sodium. They promised a reply but nothing came back.

I am still looking for someone who has installed shopware on a server in the USA and can recommend the hoster. If I were from Shopware marketing I would make a shortlist of hosters where the product could run without problems. Right now I am on HostGator, but they offer PHP without sodium.