Shopware v5.7.8 released

Hey folks,

Today we released Shopware 5.7.8. including

  • new conditions for exclusions to the Customer Stream - price indication regulation Guideline (Directive 98/6/EC)
  • duration of the cookie for consent manager is now configurable

Please find the full download, CUPS and release notes here: Shopware Changelog

Many thanks to the contributors!

I would like to report a possible bug. After the update to 5.7.8, adding of new categories does not work properly. New categories destroy the entire assignment and the rebuilding of the category tree hangs.


Found a workaround, under:
Cache Performance
Rebuild category tree
Do not check the box: „Move categories in batch mode“

hey @kim.kar

thanks for your report. we already got a similar ticket and will fix this problem with it Shopware Issuetracker

Best regards from Schöppingen
Michael Telgmann

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FYI: To all those affected by the bug. Be aware that articles that are only assigned to a top category are not available in the online shop, even if they are active, as the system finds fault with a missing category assignment and does not publish the article.

In my case, this affects hundreds of items, which now all have to be individually assigned to a category so that they are online and can be sold.

Wherever you are, take care and have a wonderful Easter.

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@kim.kar I tried it myself, but couldn’t reproduce your behavior.
Could you create a support ticket? Then I will debug the problem more deeply.

Moreover, normally, the products should be assigned to one of the child categories.

All items that were exclusively assigned to a top-category could be ordered normally before the update, only after the update they were still assigned, but no longer orderable.

Overall, the problem seems to be expanding, because not only the categories are a problem, but also the link assignment (as can be seen in other posts here)

Michael Telgmann has already published something about this in the Shopware Issuetracker.

I think there is an urgent need for action here, because if people come back from Easter holiday and run updates without being informed about the errors, they will destroy their entire shops.

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hey @kim.kar

we are totally aware of the urgency here, and we have planned the release for next week.

Best regards from Schöppingen
Michael Telgmann

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