Shopware SEO URLs not working

Hey guys, since it’s pretty urgent I also posted this request on the german board (please forgive me for doing wrong if so).

Unfortunately, I have the problem with a current project that the SEO URLs behave very strangely. For some products, these resolve nicely (the green checkmark for product detail page is also set in the settings for SEO Url Templates.
I switched off the setting „Instead of canonical URLs direct to the current URL via HTTP 301“.

In the products in the SEO tab, the SEO Urls area is grayed out, I cannot select a main category.

Of course, in the meantime I have dropped the SEO URL table manually, I had the indices recreated via the backend and also worked with dal: index: refresh in the console.

Unfortunately without any noticeable success. What am I missing?

I would be very grateful to you for any useful advice.

Hello detailgetreu,
are these these products variant products? Then you will find a valid configuration in the main variant.

This effect occurs when the article number is not used in the SEO template and the variants all have the same product name.

Kind regards