Shopware license manager not supporting for shopware 5.5.1? is there any other option for this ?

Hi all,

I created new shop in shopware with version 5.5.1 , now i want to install premium plugins , for that i need shopware licence manager plugin.

Shopware licence manager plugin not supporting for  version 5.5.1

How can i get compatability version for shopware5.5.1?


is there any other option in shopware backend ?

Please suggest how to proceed further (or) contact shopware support also.




No Premium Plugin needs the license manager since shopware 5.3.

The license manager is completely obsolete for every plugin (third party included) since shopware 5.5.

If a plugin needs the plugin manager, it is not compatible with 5.5.

Thanks for the quick reply , is there any other possibility to install premium plugin  without license manger. 

how we can reach for support for this issue?

You don’t need the plugin-manager for installing premium plugins, maybe when using very old versions of the pugins (more than 2 years old).

Every plugin producer can be reached via your shopware-account in the support overview.


Thanks for your reply