Shopware sales_channel.indexer php bin/console dal:refresh:index


By installing new plug-ins or clearing the cache I get the next message:

command: php bin/console dal:refresh:index

8/8 [============================] 100% < 1 sec/< 1 sec 46.5 MiB

12:13:21 DEBUG [php] Warning: filemtime(): stat failed for /path/to/shopware/var/cache/dev_hfaa46d1b082a771da38bcfdd7073347_/Shopware_Core_KernelDevDebugContainer.php
„exception“ => Symfony\Component\ErrorHandler\Exception\SilencedErrorContext^ {
+count: 1
-severity: E_WARNING
trace: {
./vendor/symfony/config/Resource/FileResource.php:58 { …}
./vendor/symfony/config/Resource/SelfCheckingResourceChecker.php:44 { …}

Does anyone has an idea what is going wrong?

Looks like a „simple“ PHP error to me: PHP: filemtime - Manual

Maybe your Cache was cleared right at that moment?

It is just w warning, I do not know the function very well, but I guess it just can happen.

If it is a permanent thing, you should check if the function has also problems with other files.