Setting different VAT per sub shop

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I have different sub shops for different countries and I’d like to set different VAT depending on the sub shop but as I can see only one VAT option can be assigned to a product, is there a way to have different VAT options without duplicating the product?


Hi Roberto, 

you can add diffrend values in the TAX settings. There you have a option (on the right side) to add Taxes per Country, Area or State.

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Thanks for your reply, I have been looking into this but still not working. Assume I am a UK customer visiting the UK site
Following your suggestions I set up a rule for General UK customer group - customers in Great Britain are charge 20% VAT

1 - After adding the product to the cart, the product price is correct 17.99; the tax charged is showing at 23% instead of 20% but I assume this is because user it’s not logged in yet
2 - I proceed to checkout and select Great Britain as my address
3 - Now the price breakdown is showing the correct VAT rate but the product price has changed
4 - Final step at checkout - the product price is 17.55 instead of 17.99 (Shopware understands that 17.99 is price of inclusive of 23% so now it calculates the net price and ads 20%, therefore, the prices is less)
5 - Still logged in, if I decide to abandon the checkout and go back to browsing the products, the prices are now showing inclusive of 20% VAT. They are lower than what want to charge our customers.

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Hello Roberto,

Yes you are right. However, this is the default behavior.

Otherwise you have to work with plugins.

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Hi Simeon,

Any plugin you can recommend and personally are using?

I have been investigating this issue for a client for some time - and couldn’t find a trustworthy one.