Sending email via SMTP doesnt work

Im new in shopware world and my client ask me for help for set mailer in his shop working on shopware 6 (standalone on hetzner VPS).

I checked instructions and … hmm easy peasy… after 3 hours of trying to send even 1 test email I gave up.

What I did/tried:

  • set proper data in system settings > mailer (try all combination -port/encryption - for 3 test email account created in 3 different email providers)
  • add sender email in sales channels - basic settings

How I test it:
go to settings > email templates > edit > type my email + set proper channel and sent enail by paper plane icon click.

After 10-15sec I got info about sending email error (without any details)

I tried check notifications and logs in admin panel but I found nothing useful.

What can I do as the next step?

Thank you

If there is a mistake in the email template, sending mails will fail without any error message.

Break you template down, line for line and test it until you will find the mistake. Only twig vars can cause an error, html cannot.

If it is not the email template, then try to send mails using the local environment. If that is possible, than at least you know it is the smtp configuration.

In the German section there are some threads about smtp. Just use the search and use or sometime similar to translate.