Questions about Shopware

Hello, I need to help for payment method. What is the best and simply plugin for debit card or credit card? (Mastercard, Visa etc…)

I need a simply plugin to configure and If is possible insert your credit card information page that is in Italian (or if is possible customizate this).

it’s possible change the text description in payment area? Because I have a italian version of website and the payment page area show a german text. I would be change this. (photo1)


Another question:  it’s possible delete or change this additional cost in Shopware? (photo2)



Another question: I try to integrate a “Multisafe pay plugin” but when I go to pay I have this error (photo3). What is this? How I resolve? 


Thanks, sorry for not good english.

Here you go:

I just googled it.

Ok i resolve in part many problems. But I can’t resolve the language problem. Where I go to setting the translation of checkout page? (photo 1 in top post)

Thanks NextMike!