Problem installing shopware 6.4.17


I want to test shopware. I try to install it on a test machine with Debian 10. Apache is set up to point the doc-root to the public folder.
From the Download-page or the Install-page I download
I unzip it and open the host. I will be greeted with 404 not found. The index.php is loaded and redirects to the URL /installer which is not there.
I checked the directory on the server, no such file. In the folder containing public, there is a This file seems to talk about a repository. The installation instructions outlined are CLI based and quite different from what the website say.
Do I have the correct installer file???


/installer is a virtual directory. You need to have your .htaccess readable and the mod_rewrite Apache module needs to be available.


Hi Scoopex,

.htaccess is there and readable and mod_rewrite is active.
As I read the htaccess, if mod-rewrite was missing, it would redirect to index.php

thx, best

Well, the one or the other is the cause of your problem. You may also want to check your server logfiles and if you just enabled the mod_rewrite module make sure to restart the Apache daemon.


I checked my PHP modules, installed some, reloaded apache and page and voila - the installer is there.

Thx again

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