phpmyadmin 429 Too many requests

Hi guys! 

I want to use Shopware for learning purposes.
When I install Shopware it drops a lot of things in the DB
After the first 100 things I get the error 429 “Too many requests”

I contacted my hosting provider and they told that this is a regular thing with Shopware.
They say that the DoS protection rejects the requests.

Is there a way to import the DB files without al those spam requests?


I was facing this exact same issue because my hosting provider has some form of rate limiting enabled, so I started going through the source code to figure out where to throttle the amount of database calls and get Shopware installed on my very cheap and limited hosting provider.

So first and foremost: good news, there’s a fix!
You can throttle the speed at which queries are executed by a simple one line fix in jquery.installer.js (located at /public/recovery/assets/install/javascript/jquery.installer.js if you download the zip install file,
I’m struggling to find the link to the source file on GitHub oddly enough).

On line 226 in jquery.installer.js it says

*doRequest(offset, currentConfig, config);*

Replace this with

setTimeout(() => {
       doRequest(offset, currentConfig, config);
}, 250);

And you’re good to go! The 250ms is arbitrary and depends on the exact implementation of rate limiting that your hosting provider configured.

This fixed my problem, but the install still failed at step 200-something by throwing a Identifier DB not initialized yet. The fix for that can be found in this Stackoverflow answer.

Hope this helps you or anybody else in the future out!