Paymill fatal error

Hello community, I’m using shopware 4.1.4 and paymill 1.4.3. Paymill config: [list] Public key: the correct key Private key: the correct key Preauthorize transactions during checkout: No 5 cards selected. [/list] When I make a payment using Paymill Lastschrift (ELV) I get the following error: [color=red]Fatal error: Call to a member function getPaymillSepaDate() on a non-object in /engine/Shopware/Plugins/Community/Frontend/PaymPaymentCreditcard/Bootstrap.php on line 427 503 Service Unavailable[/color] But in Paymill logs the payment is successfully done and I can see it in the paymill panel. I’ve updated the paymill module in shopware to version 1.4.5 but I still have the same problem. If I choose the option Credit card I also get an error: [color=red]#PAYMILL_invalid_payment_data#[/color] Does anyone have experienced the same problem? Do you know how to solve it? Thanks in advance,

Hi, please update shopware. you use are using an old version. Please try a Shopware 4.3.0. It is possible that in the new version the error is fixed. Patrick

Hello halane, This issue has been fixed with plugin version 1.4.6. Please update your plugin via pluginmanager or download it here: … astschrift best regards Stefan

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