Open source script to optimize Shopware 6 sitemap

Hello together,
in some cases the google search console seem to have some trouble with parsing sitemaps created by Shopware 6. This seems mostly happen when the sitemap has a very large amount of entries. To fix this problem I created a python 3 script as workaround.

The scripts parses the original sitemap created by Shopware and seperate it in many smaller sub sitemaps if necessary. At the end the script creates an index file which point to the sub sitemaps. This index then can be specified in the google search console as sitemap.

So far I was only able to test it in a large shop with around 100 thousand entries. The Google Search Console was then accepting the sitemap without any errors. The crawling took around 1-2 weeks though.

In collaboration with the community manager @marco.steinhaeuser I made the script available under an open source licence. You can find the script with a documentation here:

Everyone is welcome to use, test or contribute to the project. If they are questions about how to use the script or it’s features, feel free to ask here, I will try my best to help.

Best regards