New to ShopWare

Dear All,

this is my first time using this platform, i have version 5 and need to update it. but i already have a website running on version 5. if i update will i lose the content. please send me tutorials or step by stem for the update process.

thank you.

Hello raja2GH,

if you want to update Shopware 5 to a newer minor release (e.g. 5.7.x), no data will be lost. You can simply follow the instructions of the following update guide:

For each minor version, we also offer a seperate Update guide which highlights changes, discontinuations, and sometimes also necessary configurations that have to be changed prior to the update:

If you however want to migrate from Showpare 5 to Shopware 6, please have a look at our Migration guide. Certain data (like orders, customers, and products…) can be migrated as well: