Licensing host unknown error - when trying to install an extension

when trying to install an extension, i get this error

Licensing host unknown

Please check the licensing host in the basic settings Open Shopware Documentation

You need a account to download and install plugins form the store. The registered domain must match your shop domain. Sometimes it helps to log out from the shopware account within the shop an log in again.

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it does not help for a testing installation at localhost

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You cannot install plugins from the store on a localhost installation.

shopware is a crap! i am not allowed to install free extensions in order to make full test on localhost before going into production. This i a closed environment. Will choose magento!

do not compare shopware and magento
magento has official support from adobe

I have same problem, Im looking for the best option for start a E-commerce project, and use Softacolous script manager to install some options, already install magento, prestashop and shopware. With the exception of shopware, in all of them I have been able to see functionalities before making a decision. After registering and mining to see how they work, I find this post in which basically you have to have the tests directory in the main directory, no you can in a subdirectory and additionally you have to acquire the license… to evaluate.
Thanks but no thanks.

Shopware is free. Guess you did not follow the installation manual.

May be I was wrong… and sorry, very sorry. But cant install license shop in subdirectory for testing pourpouses.

Shopware does not recommend it. Just copy the shop with a new subdomain, like e.g.